The Blossom Man

The Blossom Man

A short movie produced by Yasuji Murata. Based on the Japanese fairy tale Hanasaka Jiijii, also called Hanasaka Jiisan. A kind old man and his wife dig up the ground where their dog is barking, and find koban (oval gold coins formerly used in Japan) there. The mean old man next door was watching them so he borrows their dog and digs a hole, but finds frogs and snakes in an old pot. The angry old man kills the dog. The kind old man builds a mortar and pestle out of the tree that grew next to the grave of his dog. Whenever he pounds with the pestle, koban appear. When the mean old man tries to do the same thing, only trouble occurs for him, so he burns the mortar and pestle. The kind old man is invited to the lord’s residence as the famous Blossom Man and makes dead trees blossom again with the ashes of the mortar and pestle, so he is rewarded. Claiming to be the original famous Blossom Man, the mean old man scatters ashes in front of the lord, but since they were nothing but ashes, he gets shot with an arrow. Later, the kind old man makes all the flowers bloom. (Source:

Other names: Hanasaka Jiisan
Status: Completed
Studio: N/A
Scores: 4.81 / 9.99
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: Japan
Episode: 2 / 1
Duration: 6 min
Date release: 1928-07-01
Date aired: 1928-07 - 1928-07

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