Shiba Inuko-san

Shiba Inuko-san

Chako Ishibashi is a normal middle schooler at a normal school having normal school days. However, there is one oddity in Chako's everyday life—the student sitting at the desk next to her, Shibainuko-san. What is it about her that Chako finds strange? The answer is simple: Shibainuko-san doesn't look like a human at all. Instead, she looks just like a Shiba Inu! Polite, well-meaning, and with the mannerisms of both a dog and a human, Shibainuko-san is loved by all. However, Chako notices that her classmates seem oblivious to Shibainuko-san's physical appearance. Can a dog go to school and be a normal student? Join Chako and her best friend Naho on bite-sized misadventures with their unusual classmate, who may or may not actually be a dog.

Other names: Shiba Inuko-san
Status: Completed
Studio: Hotline
Scores: 5.74 / 9.99
Genre: Comedy
Country: Japan
Episode: 26 / 26
Duration: 1 min/ep
Date release: 2012-04-01
Date aired: 2012-04-01 - 2012-09-23

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