Horror News

Horror News

Rei Kigata is a first year middle schooler at Ishido Middle School. He is not a believer of any paranormal phenomena such as existence of ghosts or spirits in any kind, but one day at midnight, while he is sleeping, a mysterious newspaper called "Horror News" is delivered to his room. The newspaper tells a story in which one of his teachers at the school will get killed in a car accident the following morning and Kigata will be a witness of the accident. The story turns into a fact in the following day and since then, the mysterious newspaper is delivered everyday. He realizes he is haunted by this newspaper and that his life span would be shortened in 100 days every time he reads it. (Source: Crunchyroll, edited)

Other names: Kyoufu Shinbun (2014)
Status: Completed
Studio: Next Media Animation
Scores: 5.57 / 9.99
Country: China
Episode: 16 / 16
Duration: 10 min
Date release: 2014-04-28
Date aired: 2014-04-28 - 2014-08-01

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